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Pants We Love – the slogan sounds like a promise. Yet it is so much more. In fact, it is a commitment. After all, for more than 90 years, ALBERTO’s creative studios have been experimenting with designs and materials to come up with stunning cuts, styles and functions. So what is the benefit of this wealth of experience? A perfect symbiosis of creativity and perfectionism. A young, fashionable twist comprised of bold experiments and supreme fashion know-how.


LLOYD has been dedicated to detail and craftsmanship for nearly 130 years.

At LLOYD, first-class craftsmanship, select materials, excellent fits and design have the highest priority. That’s why our maxim has been from the very beginning.

LLOYD is convinced that sustainable business practices, precisely in times of our relentlessly and rapidly changing economy, are an essential requirement for a long-term, successful strategy – true to the motto: With one foot on tradition, and the other on the path to the future. It is people who drive the company forward to continually develop, improve and face new challenges.


Since the mid-1990s, the German jacket manufacturer MILESTONE has stood for the perfect symbiosis of fashionable design and technical innovation. Casual cuts, lively materials, powerful silhouettes and unusual details characterize the MILESTONE collections.

Since the company was founded in Ingolstadt, Bavaria in 1994, MILESTONE has also made a name for itself internationally. In the hands of the management Gerrit Schweisfurth and Gerhard Bauer, MILESTONE is now a global brand, currently the products are sold worldwide to more than 4,000 dealers in over 30 countries. Thanks to the expertise built up over a period of more than two decades and a clear commitment to constant further development, MILESTONE is now one of the leading jacket manufacturers worldwide.


Profuomo is part of a family business founded in 1934 by Heinz Michaelis, a tailor with a keen vision. His goal was to make quality clothing with special attention to every step in the design and production process. From the material itself to the last stitches, everything had to be carefully weighed and applied.


The products we make today are still produced according to the Heinz Michaelis philosophy in 1934. However, what has now been added is the knowledge and expertise of 3 generations of this same family. We keep one eye on the past and the other on the future.

Club of Comfort

Club of Comfort is the label for all style-conscious and self-confident men, who see no sense in uncomfortable trousers. Because they take a relaxed approach to life and take the liberty of doing their thing.

They therefore rely on masculine trousers with stretch and comfort waistband in high-quality workmanship from European production with perfect fit and detail-loving features for real comfort.

Be relaxed, because no matter what the day plans with you, every Club of Comfort stands its ground.


Made in Europe and designed in Ireland - Marnelli is our luxury Italian shirt brand. Our Marnelli shirts are where premium quality meets an affordable price. Whether a bold pattern or a premium basic, Marnelli provides a contemporary look with a modern yet stylish elegance. Producing shirts which are ideal for business as for pleasure.

Roy Robson:

We come from traditional tailoring, but we lead in modern tailoring. We are passionate about new casual wear, offering a wide variety of products that go beyond classic suits. Whether you want a slim-fitting suit or an overshirt, our looks embody a whole attitude.

The lanyard knot symbolises the values we live by and carry into the world through our fashion: authenticity, integrity and the combination of tradition and modernity.