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Clothing forms our identity and depicts who we are to others. Over £58 million is spent every year on the fashion industry in the UK (Expertus Marketing, 2020), with the average household spend on fashion at around £500.00 per year!

Fashion trends are constantly changing so it is important that retailers keep up with the style and trends that men all over the UK are looking out for. Here at Talmarc, we are leading clothing wholesalers who provide designer men’s clothing, wholesale, in Ireland and the UK. We work with trusted and reputable brands to supply the right retailers with men’s wholesale fashion, including shirts, jackets, trousers, accessories and much more. We have over 30 years of experience in supplying retailers with wholesale fashion and accessories and have a dedicated showroom in Blanchardstown, Ireland to show off our range. The brands we work with are stylish and trendy, which is why our wholesale clothing is ideal for a number of fashion providers in Ireland and around the UK. Here are just a few of the amazing brands that we work with to supply fashion wholesale to retailers around the country.



MILESTONE clothing is a German jacket manufacturer, founded in Ingolstadt, Bavaria in 1994. Since then, MILESTONE has become a global brand, selling its products to over 4,000 dealers in more than 30 different countries, including us at Talmarc for wholesale distribution. MILESTONE stands out worldwide for its high-quality jackets that are made with the best vibrant materials and unique details, which help to make MILESTONE a renowned jacket brand.


MILESTONE provides us with a wide range of men’s jackets in a premium quality including leather and quilted jackets, as well as blousons. The MILESTONE jackets are not only stylish but are extremely practical for the colder weather. MILESTONE has a jacket for everyone; there are a variety of colours, styles and materials available from us at Talmarc, wholesale, for your business.


The most popular MILESTONE clothing items are the quilted leather jackets that are available in a range of colours, with or without a hood. MILESTONE’s leather jackets are also a popular choice for clothing in the UK, with functional pockets and a tailored fit. MILESTONE is a brand that we work closely with to provide the best jackets wholesale around the UK. We offer fast shipping for MILESTONE jackets and other wholesale clothing, or a click and collect service from our showroom, just 15 minutes away from Dublin airport.



ALBERTO is another trusted brand which sources us with a range of pants and trousers for our wholesale clothing business. ALBERTO is a highly innovative brand that sets trends and continuously creates new clothing fashion designs to appeal to men around the world. It is no wonder that ALBERTO has such a presence in the fashion world; with over 90 years of experience, the brand radiates the perfect balance of classic fashion knowledge with a modern, creative outlook. ALBERTO’s tradition of creating every pair of trousers with no fewer than 36 individual components truly emphasizes the quality of their products and how seriously they take creating the perfect fit for men’s trousers.


ALBERTO offers a number of wholesale clothing styles, including jeans, casual pants, office pants, bike pants and more! ALBERTO takes time to create trouser styles that are trendy and comfortable, they continuously produce seasonal Fashionbooks for men to browse and find clothing inspiration from. ALBERTO’s Fashion book for Winter 2020 includes trending velvet denim, monochrome stripes and retro wool pants. ALBERTO not only provides on-trend clothing fashion but basic staple trousers that every man needs in his life. The brand is so versatile that it makes a perfect match for us as fashion wholesale retailers.


ALBERTO has trousers suitable for every aspect of a man’s life. Clothing for both business and leisure is covered with ALBERTO and some of their most popular pieces include their jeans and work trousers. Men’s fashion and clothing from ALBERTO is provided wholesale from Talmarc; we put care and effort into joining forces with inspiring and leading fashion brands. Shop with us now to browse our range of ALBERTO pants that you could order wholesale from us with fast shipping in Ireland and the UK.



Marnelli is a luxury Italian shirt brand, with items designed in Ireland and produced in Europe. Marnelli sources us with shirts for wholesale, with rich fabrics and beautiful designs to create a wide range of shirts that appeal to a huge audience. The products are created with sustainability in mind, so Marnelli’s wholesale suppliers are in long term partnerships with the brand to ensure quality shirts are created at competitive prices. Marnelli’s wholesale clothing quality is of the utmost importance to the brand, they personally visit factories to ensure the appropriate quality controls are in place so that each and every product in the Marnelli collection is of extremely high quality.


Marnelli creates both shirts and casual sweats for wholesale supply so there is something available for men at any time of the year. The brand produces cutting-edge designs that are both unique and trendy, with the style and fabrics taking priority in order to provide the best shirts for men. Whether you are looking for wholesale classic clothing or something different, Marnelli has a style of shirt to suit any man. This is why Marnelli is one of our trusted brands, and allow us to sell their clothing wholesale to fashion retailers in Ireland and the UK.


Marnelli’s most popular designs include their trend-setting floral patterned shirts which give men the power to boast their personality through clothing in a contemporary and adventurous way. The most popular business shirts for Marnelli include their plain light blue and pink shirts, which are extremely popular for office and work environments. Get wholesale Marnelli clothing for your business, from us at Talmarc, Ireland and UK’s leading provider of fashion wholesale.



A staple piece to perfectly finish every outfit, shoes are an extremely important part of fashion. LLOYD is a brand with 130 years of experience in producing high quality footwear. LLOYD is a passionate German footwear supplier that was first registered in 1905! Since then, LLOYD has expanded throughout Germany and a number of other countries within Europe. The brand has a distinctive red mark under each shoe to mark the high standard of quality and care put into each and every product. Here at Talmarc, we are proud to have joined forces with such an innovative and reputable brand that provides us with footwear to distribute as wholesale.


LLOYD produces smart shoes, low shoes, trainers, boots, slip-ons and sandals in a huge variety of designs and styles, available to us for wholesale. Their trainers are extremely popular, with hundreds of designs available in their clothing range and assured comfort with every shoe. Likewise, LLOYD creates and produces smart shoes that any man will love. LLOYD shoes give men pride and confidence, there are so many styles available with us wholesale, to match any outfit and personality. For LLOYD, its materials, fit and design take priority, as well as the need to apply sustainable practices throughout the brand in order to deliver a long-term successful strategy.


LLOYD takes time and care to provide men with inspiration for their fashion. With a dedicated online page to inspire, LLOYD displays new trends and themes to help customers find their unique style. The brand truly cares about their customer and the way they present themselves through fashion, which is why they are such an important brand partner for us at Talmarc to have. We can provide extremely fast wholesale shipping in Ireland and the UK as well as a click and collect service from our showroom in Blanchardstown, Ireland. LLOYD is just one of the leading fashion brands that we work with to provide retailers with wholesale fashion that really does make a difference.


These clothing designers trust us to deliver their product, wholesale, to the right businesses and maintain long-term, respectable partnerships. From jackets, trousers and shirts to footwear and accessories, our brands have everything we need to supply you with wholesale men’s fashion. Why not head over to our showroom to find out about new wholesale collections that we can provide, or browse online and add to your shopping cart to receive fast shipping around Ireland & UK.


Talmarc stock a range of whole menswear including clothing and accessories in the best possible quality. Sign up with us today to shop now or contact us by emailing sales@talmarc.ie or calling 01 88 555 15.


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